Godshill Primary School

School Policies are issued by members of the school management team and ratified by the school governing body prior to release. Some of the policies are statutory and some are not, however all policies are reviewed annually to ensure they remain inline with current regulations. The Stenbury Governing Body has decided to adopt single policies across all three schools in the federation wherever possible, with an addendum in the appendix to cover any individual school requirement.

The Stenbury Governing Body is gradually working through all the policies and will phase out the schools' individual policies over the coming months. Until all the policies have been reviewed, all three schools will continue to operate under their original policies. These are available for viewing at each school if required as will be the Stenbury Federation policies once ratified.

Each of the Stenbury Federation policies will be available here for download as and when they are ratified.


Stenbury Federation Policies:

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